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Translating between Numpy and Matlab

I find it very useful to keep links which help me translate from one platform to another as we end up doing lots of porting at work. Both Python and Matlab are popular in the world of finance and if you find yourself trying to go back and forth, have a look here. It's a feature comparison and translation guide written by the guys at This is guaranteed to save you some real time in the future if you must work with both.

Testing Mathjax and Syntax Highlighter

There have been a couple of things I've wanted to try out for a while and today's the day. Any respectable geek site is gonna have to be able to easily post content with math and code. Coming to my rescue are MathJax and SyntaxHighlighter. Both are javascript libraries that can be used with Drupal and easily installed.

Syntax Highlighter

Mapping from Matlab to Python to R

For those of you that need to work with all three like me check out the mathesaurus.

Alternative To Flash on OpenBSD

Good news! There's a good way now to watch flash content with Firefox on OpenBSD. First install the
Flash Video Replacer addon to your Firefox and then install the gecko-mediaplayer package at the command line using

$ pkg_add -v gecko-mediaplayer

and bingo! You can now watch flash. I just tested this out going to youtube and a few other flash sites. Everything worked like a charm.

Answering questions on stackexchange (Programmers)

Oooh! I just got my first teacher badge on! Looks like I've got a long way to go to build up the reputation. Oh well.. It's fun to get in there and help.

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